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Voice of users
(English subtitles)

  • Nagano Prefecture  Mr. Shigeru Shiohara
  • Nagano Prefecture  Mr. Hisatomo Miyazawa
  • Yamagata Prefecture Mr. Masaaki Miura
  • hyogo Prefecture Mr. Hiroshi Suefuku

The product used in the video is a conventional machine (ARM-1).


Easy to put on

  • Can be put on like a rucksack.
    Even seniors can put it on and take it off by themselves.

Easy to use

  • Simple arm movements make it possible to fix and release angular positions.
  • Position fixing and releasing are done using a battery driven solenoid valve.
  • Your arms can be fixed in a free position by the adjustment dial on the shoulder part.
    (The fixing position is only one.)

Part List

Major Specifications

Dimensions - Overall length(㎜) 438~498
Overall width(㎜) 538~658
Overall height(㎜) 501
Weight - Machine weight(㎏) 3.8
Working range - Arm working angle(° ) -90 (downward) to 90 (upward)
Arm maximum holding load(㎏) 4.5 *including arm weight
Arm maximum opening angle(° ) 180
- Settable position(° ) -90 (downward) to 90 (upward) arbitrary
Minimum adjustment angle(° ) 6
to body
Upper arm length adjustment range(㎜) 60
Shoulder width adjustment range(㎜) 120(60 to both the right and left sides)
Power - Battery specifications
(AA batteries)
Alkaline batteries or rechargeable
nickel-metal hydride batteries (NiMH)
No. of batteries (batteries) 4(AA)
Continuous use time(h) over 8

*Major specifications, shape, and price are subject to change without notification in order to improve the product.

of the Assist Suit